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Build custom retail software for your business

BlastAsia offers custom retail software development services to drive continuous innovation in the retail industry

Benefits of Developing Custom Software for Retail

With a strong track record of collaborating with clients, BlastAsia has helped numerous companies unlock new opportunities in retail


Years of
.Net and Azure Competency




Country Client Base - Across the US, Asia, Europe, & Australia


Average Client

Improved Operational Efficiency

Custom software can streamline and automate retail operations, reducing manual tasks, minimizing errors, and increasing productivity to drive cost savings and better decision-making

Enhanced Customer Experience

Custom software can provide a seamless, personalized customer experience through features like customized e-commerce, intelligent recommendations, and omnichannel integration to build brand loyalty and drive sales

Competitive Advantage

Developing custom software allows retailers to differentiate themselves with unique capabilities, specialized features, and innovative customer engagement tools to stay ahead of industry trends and competitors

Retail Software Solutions We Build

There are numerous solutions that can be built for the retail industry, and our expert engineering teams can bring to life any of these for you

Franchising Management

Efficiently manage your franchise network, ensure brand consistency, and foster collaboration between you and your franchisees with a solution that enables centralized communication, real-time reporting, inventory management, and more

Product Subscription Management

Build a solution that simplifies and automates product subscription management. With features such as subscription setup, billing automation, customer self-service portals, this helps efficiently handle recurring orders and deliver a seamless subscription experience

Fleet Management

Efficiently manage vehicle fleets. With a solution for real-time tracking, route optimization, maintenance scheduling, and comprehensive reporting, retail companies can streamline operations, improve delivery efficiency, and reduce costs associated with fleet management

Multibranch Inventory Management

Optimize inventory control across multiple branches or locations with a solution that empowers retail companies to efficiently manage stock levels, improve order fulfillment, minimize stockouts, and enhance overall inventory visibility and accuracy

Secret Shopper Management

Efficiently manage and execute secret shopper programs through solutions that digitize shopper assignment, task tracking, and detailed reporting. This helps closely monitor and evaluate customer experiences and enhance overall service quality

Staff Rostering Management

Manage staff schedules better with a solution that streamlines and digitizes shift planning, employee availability tracking, automated scheduling, and real-time updates

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BlastAsia is here to help you make your next software solution that will disrupt the retail industry

Technologies for Retail Software

BlastAsia’s engineers use cutting-edge technologies to bring retail technology solutions from good to great


Intelligent chatbots can enhance customer care, improve marketing and event efficiency, qualify leads, convert them to clients, manage product sales, provide discounts, and track orders

Supply Chain Management

BlastAsia can help analyze and optimize your processes, warehousing, transportation, distribution, and data flow to ensure swift delivery of services. We can develop customized supply chain solutions to meet your business needs

AI & Machine Learning

AI can provide an even higher level of customer service, improve search capabilities, and suggest products based on preferences. ML-based systems can sort goods into categories to help customers find what they're looking for

Mobile Wallet &

Payment Gateways

Integrate secure, convenient mobile wallets and payment gateways supporting multiple payment methods and currencies to enhance user convenience and facilitate transactions

Big Data

Leveraging big data and AI can help attract new customers through greater personalization and predict upcoming trends. This enables the development of strong marketing strategies based on market metrics and consumer behavior patterns

Cloud Solutions

Migrating to the cloud can result in cost optimization, higher scalability, and better performance for retail businesses. Cloud solutions allow for pay-as-you-go usage of storage, data analysis, and testing of new theories

Retail Industry Clients

BlastAsia has over 20 years in software product engineering expertise for global clients. We have the expertise to deliver retail software for:

  • Apparel and Fashion Stores

  • Bookstores and Media Retailers

  • Electronics and Appliance Stores

  • Home Improvement and Furniture Stores

  • Sporting Goods Stores

  • Pharmacy and Drug Stores

  • Grocery and Supermarkets

  • Jewelry and Luxury Goods Stores

  • Automotive Parts and Accessories Stores

  • Pet Supply Stores

  • Discount and Dollar Stores

  • Specialty Stores (Gifts, Flowers, Toys, etc.)

Past Projects in Retail Software

As a software development company for the retail industry, we have delivered custom solutions that are advanced and compliant

B2B E-commerce Platform

The client provides various technology solutions across multiple markets, including a B2B e-Commerce Platform handling over 1.5 million products from multiple suppliers with close to US$500M worth of transactions across North America and Europe. BlastAsia was involved in the initial development and continuous enhancement of the platform, which includes modules for web store management, product catalog, pricing, orders, sales channels, and system administration, interfacing with procurement, financial, punch-out, and CRM systems.

E-commerce Platform for Microinsurance

BlastAsia developed an e-commerce marketplace with back-end functionalities for a startup offering microinsurance to millennials, providing insurance companies an automated platform to deliver a frictionless customer experience and streamline their own processes, from paperless sales and claims to data-driven product improvements.



GenAI has taken the world by storm, and BlastAsia is here to help you make your next groundbreaking software that will stand out from the competition

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