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Make Data Work
For You

 Visualize data across the organization to make timely and smart decisions

Get max value out of your data - TODAY

BlastAsia is offering end-to-end development services for data apps using Snowflake, a world-leading analytics platform on the cloud and Xamun, a next-generation software development platform

Snowflake Data 
Cloud Platform to build advance data visualization

Xamun Automated Software Development Platform to build a custom data app

Why choose BlastAsia’s Data App Development Service?

Simplified Process

Focus on defining your data needs and our expert team will take care of the rest

Fixed price contract ideal for  digital projects

Visualize data the way you need it and access it anywhere on the web or on mobile

OPEX with Subscription

No capital expenditure needed & more affordable than other enterprise analytics software

Where will I access graphs and charts?

Your Own Homebase Analytics Portal

Make your data available on your own Homebase Analytics Portal, a mobile app and/or web app built with Xamun

Existing Software built with Xamun

If you’ve engaged with BlastAsia to build your custom software using Xamun, you can opt to embed data visualizations in that same software

Your Data Visualization Build Journey

Our well-defined process, powered by Snowflake & Xamun, will address your business analytics needs in no time

Your Data Visualization Build Journey.png

What kinds of Analytics can be available on the Data App that Blastasia will build?

Diagnostic Analytics

Diagnostic Analytics identifies data anomalies, highlights data trends, investigates possible underlying issues, and answers “Why” questions

Descriptive Analytics

Descriptive analytics presents data into easy-to-read formats, describes the current state of the things,, and answers “What” questions


Predictive analytics fills the gaps in the current data, creating new data models to forecast potential outcomes and answering “What might happen?” questions


Prescriptive analytics estimates outcomes based on variables and offers suggestions about outcomes based on AI & machine learning, answering “If, then” questions

What you will get in your

Homebase Analytics Portal?

No need to worry about creating your own custom portal for your team, we got you covered!

Personalized dashboards, charts, and graphs

Web & mobile access

Custom notifications

Cloud storage & hosting

Enterprise-grade security

BlastAsia’s Data App Development
(powered by Snowflake & Xamun)

Get Started
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