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Many know blockchain as the technology behind Bitcoin. Others believe that they are one and the same even though they are not. Although it is part of Bitcoin’s realization, it is important to note that Blockchain’s use cases essentially extend far beyond digital currencies alone. 

At its core, a blockchain is a growing list of cryptographically signed, unchangeable transactional records each having a time stamp and reference to previous transactions.  

Functioning similarly to document-sharing platforms such as Google Docs, contributors can make real time additions to a blockchain. Equally, it is also an immutable ledger which guarantees that once an entry is made, future additions are valid if and only if the prior entry is unchanged. This characteristic of a blockchain makes it impossible for anyone to alter information without letting others know.  

Blockchain’s significant feature of incorruptibility leads to its reliable security, allowing not-yet-trusted parties to maintain a credible record of their transactions. This makes blockchain promising and applicable to many use cases today involving exchange of information and digital assets in distributed networks. 


  • Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) and Certified Documents for City Government 

The influx of citizens requesting for documents and information is a daily sight at city halls. Blockchain poses great viability in the city government and can aid in the secured issuance of diverse information. With blockchain-powered universal ID and certified documents, efficient identity management is implemented in the city government, featuring a decentralized, point-to-point exchange of information about people, organizations, or things. This can enable the government to quickly regulate IDs and access to information; at the same time, document owners gain control on the flow of personal information. 

  • Blockchain for Retail Supply Chain 

Blockchain technology holds remarkable potential to enhance retail omni-supply chains by closely maintaining and managing supply chain data, chain-of-custody information, and supporting autonomous businesses. It improves their transparency into the movement of produce from farm-to-fork or products from factory-to-home thereby helping retailers guarantee customer trust despite having multiple different retail supply chain partners. 

  • Financial Data Recording 

Blockchain promises a world where all transactions can be logged, viewed and monitored in real time. And again, the encryption that is basic to blockchain makes it helpful in fighting money laundering. The underlying technology empowers record keeping, which supports "Know Your Customer (KYC)," the process through which a business identifies and verifies the identity of its clients to facilitate the security of financial transactions. 


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