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Tess Villaluna

Chief Financial Officer

To oversee the company’s administrative, financial, and risk management operations is Tess Villaluna’s key role in BlastAsia. With her 25 years of experience in corporate finance, banking and controlling, Tess has proven her ability to develop productive teams while managing global stakeholders to achieve business goals.

Prior to BlastAsia, she served as AVP for Financial Reporting, VP for Financial Reporting and VP for Product Control successively at Deutsche Knowledge Services from 2005 to 2016. She had her Bachelor of Science degree in economics from the University of the Philippines and her master’s degree in business management from AIM.


As a team, we are most passionate about using digital technology to create solutions that transform businesses. While the initial objective is to add economic value to the business, we are just as mindful to include in our success metrics the positive impact these transformations will have on major stakeholders surrounding the business such as delighted employees and customers.


I am most proud of our ability to create products that resonate with our target customers – from startup companies to corporates. It goes without saying that the men and women behind these products – software engineers, to customer success, from sales and business development to marketing, from project to product management, and the infrastructure support behind that makes day-to-day operations happen, take a tip from my hat because they have made it happen.


I am originally from Davao – Southern Philippines but have spent most of my adult life in Manila, the US, and the Asia Pacific for work and education.

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