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Build custom insurance software for your business

BlastAsia offers custom insurance software development services to drive continuous innovation in the insurance industry

Benefits of Developing Custom Software for Insurance

With a strong track record of collaborating with clients, BlastAsia has helped numerous companies unlock new opportunities in insurance


Years of
.Net and Azure Competency




Country Client Base - Across the US, Asia, Europe, & Australia


Average Client

Enhanced Compliance and Security

Insurance applications with integrated security and compliance tools help insurtech startups and insurance carriers automate regulatory compliance, protect against data breaches, and prevent cyberattacks

Streamlined Insurance

Insurance solutions automate processes like claims and policy management, underwriting, and fraud detection, reducing manual tasks and minimizing errors to improve overall efficiency.

Personalized Insurance Experience

Custom insurance software optimize application management and claims settlement, providing a better understanding of customers’ needs and a more personalized approach

Insurance Software Solutions We Build

There are numerous solutions that can be built for the insurance industry, and our expert engineering teams can bring to life any of these for you

Claim Processing Solutions

BlastAsia builds claim processing systems that facilitate flexible customer engagement, automate damage assessments, reduce loss adjustment costs, and enhance settlement accuracy.

Underwriting Automation

We can build solutions that automate operations, including application processing, task management, and policy management. We integrate AI and data analytics to enable automated risk assessments and premium calculations.

Document Management Systems

We create user-friendly document management systems for insurance companies, allowing you to store policy applications, policyholder agreements, claim forms, and other documents in a secure repository.

Insurance Platforms

We design modern insurance platforms that provide seamless experiences for customers, agents, and partners. Our centralized platforms integrate insurance documents, self-service capabilities, and streamlined claims management

Quoting Software

We develop custom insurance quoting software that ensures accurate premium calculations and can be easily integrated with policy management or accounting systems.

Customer-Facing Applications

We design web or mobile applications that provide exceptional user experiences and streamline insurance application acceptance, claim management, settlement, and policy renewals for customers.

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BlastAsia is here to help you make your next software solution that will disrupt the insurance industry

Technologies for Insurance Software

BlastAsia’s engineers use cutting-edge technologies to bring insurance technology solutions from good to great

Cloud Computing

Leverage cloud computing in insurance software development to achieve scalable, flexible solutions that adapt to user demands and deliver high availability, reliability, and cross-device accessibility

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate your custom insurance software with third-party services, data sources, and financial institutions via robust API connectivity to streamline workflows and enhance interoperability

AI & Machine Learning

Our custom insurance software development leverages cutting-edge AI and machine learning tools to deliver advanced, intelligent solutions tailored to your unique needs

Mobile Wallet & Payment Gateways

Integrate secure, convenient mobile wallets and payment gateways supporting multiple payment methods and currencies to enhance user convenience and facilitate cross-border transactions


Empower your teams to make smarter, data-driven decisions by providing comprehensive data visualization capabilities within your custom insurance software

Biometric Authentication

Strengthen the security of your custom insurance software with advanced biometric authentication capabilities, ensuring secure access to financial services and sensitive data

Insurance Industry Clients

BlastAsia has over 20 years in software product engineering expertise for global clients. We have the expertise to deliver insurance software for:

  • Life Insurance

  • Auto Insurance

  • Home Insurance

  • Pet Insurance

  • Accident Insurance

  • Liability Insurance

  • Health Insurance

  • Travel Insurance

  • Home Insurance

  • Disability Insurance

  • Term Life Insurance

  • Pension Plans

Past Projects in Insurance Software

As a software development company for the insurance industry, we have delivered custom solutions that are advanced and compliant

Cyberinsurance Platform

The project is a cyber-insurance solution that serves as a platform to manage policies - covering the whole lifecycle from submission of applications to management of endorsements, renewals, cancellations and claims.

Insurance Tech Software

BlastAsia worked with a US insurance company to build software for their collections insurance. The client's property policies protect valuable items like art and antiques. Insuring these collections involves difficult calculations and sensitive data. To avoid big losses, BlastAsia's team worked closely with the client to create a solid, well-designed system.

E-commerce Platform for Microinsurance

BlastAsia developed an e-commerce marketplace with back-end functionalities for a startup offering microinsurance to millennials, providing insurance companies an automated platform to deliver a frictionless customer experience and streamline their own processes, from paperless sales and claims to data-driven product improvements.

PDF-Editing iPad App for Financial Advisors

The client for the project is a South African company that developed a platform for independent financial advisors for day-to-day client management, practice management, financial planning, and compliance management. To help the users further, BlastAsia built a PDF- editing tool that can be used to download documents from the web app, and open, edit, and sync PDF files.

Plug-in Chatbot Prototype for a Data-Driven Financial Advisory Platform

BlastAsia developed a chatbot/robo-advisor prototype using Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure services, including a database, natural language understanding, and Q&A capabilities, to provide on-demand personal financial advisory services and recommendations through a free, 24/7 Facebook Messenger interface.

AI/Cognitive-Powered Form Reader for a Process Automation /Workflow Automation Platform

BlastAsia developed a chatbot/robo-advisor prototype using Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure services, including a database, natural language understanding, and Q&A capabilities, to provide on-demand personal financial advisory services and recommendations through a free, 24/7 Facebook Messenger interface.

Rostering Platform

The client provides a time and attendance platform with roster software enabling real-time notifications, availability checks, and timesheet exports, while BlastAsia developed the platform and a security guard management app spinoff.



GenAI has taken the world by storm, and BlastAsia is here to help you make your next groundbreaking software that will stand out from the competition

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