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Build custom energy software for your business

BlastAsia offers custom energy software development services to drive continuous innovation in the energy industry

Benefits of Developing Custom Software for Energy

With a strong track record of collaborating with clients, BlastAsia has helped numerous companies unlock new opportunities in energy


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Country Client Base - Across the US, Asia, Europe, & Australia


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Improved efficiency and productivity

Custom software can automate data collection, storage, and analysis from various energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines. This increases accuracy, reduces human error, and boosts productivity

Cost savings and asset management

Custom software streamlines asset management by providing a comprehensive view of all assets, their status, and maintenance needs. This enables better resource planning, scheduling, and allocation

Scalability and adaptability

Scalable and adaptive custom software is built to accommodate changing business needs. As renewable energy companies expand operations, custom software can handle increased data volumes, additional sites, and emerging technologies

Energy Software Solutions We Build

There are numerous solutions that can be built for the energy industry, and our expert engineering teams can bring to life any of these for you

Energy Management System (EMS) Software

EMS software helps efficiently manage and operate energy resources. It monitors energy production, manages power distribution, and ensures the energy supply meets demand. EMS software is crucial for integrating renewable energy sources into power grids

Simulation and Modelling Software

This software is essential for designing and testing renewable energy systems before they are built. It allows engineers to simulate different conditions and optimize systems for efficiency and reliability, such as modelling solar panel behavior under various weather conditions.

Data Analytics and IoT Integration Software

Analytics software analyzes data from energy systems to identify trends, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. It can predict energy production, optimize resource allocation, and forecast maintenance needs. IoT integration connects devices online for remote monitoring and control

Grid Management Software

As renewable energy sources are often intermittent, grid management software is vital for maintaining a stable energy supply. It controls the flow of energy from multiple sources, balances supply with demand, and assists in managing energy storage

Compliance and Reporting Software

With the growing emphasis on sustainability, compliance and reporting tools help companies track and report their energy usage, carbon footprint, and adherence to environmental standards

Energy Auditing and Benchmarking Software

Energy auditing software helps perform systematic assessments of energy performance and potential savings. Benchmarking software compares and ranks the energy efficiency of different facilities to identify best practices and opportunities for improvement

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BlastAsia is here to help you make your next software solution that will disrupt the energy industry

Technologies for Energy Software

BlastAsia’s engineers use cutting-edge technologies to bring energy technology solutions from good to great

Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms can process the large volumes of data collected by IoT devices. This allows energy software to identify patterns, predict future energy needs, and automatically optimize energy usage based on historical trends

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Integrating BIM data on building design, construction, and operations into energy software provides a comprehensive digital model of a facility. This allows for more accurate energy simulations, identifying efficiency opportunities during the design phase, and optimizing operations

Internet of Things (IoT)

Integrating IoT sensors and smart meters allows energy software to collect real-time data on energy consumption at the device, building, or facility level. This granular data enables more precise monitoring, analysis, and optimization of energy usage

Cloud Computing

Cloud-based energy management software provides scalable computing power and storage to handle big data from IoT devices. It enables remote access to energy data and insights from anywhere. Cloud solutions also facilitate collaboration between different stakeholders in managing energy

Renewable Energy Systems

As renewable energy becomes more prevalent, integrating solar, wind, and other clean energy sources into energy management software is crucial. The software can optimize the mix of renewable and grid electricity, manage storage, and track the environmental benefits of renewable generation

Demand Response Software

Connecting energy software with demand response systems enables automated load shifting and shedding during peak demand periods. This helps balance supply and demand, avoid brownouts, and take advantage of time-of-use electricity rates. The software can signal connected devices to reduce or shift energy usage based on utility signals

Energy Industry Clients

BlastAsia has over 20 years in software product engineering expertise for global clients. We have the expertise to deliver energy for:

  • Renewable energy producers

  • Energy utilities

  • Energy equipment manufacturers

  • Energy retailers

  • Oil and gas companies

  • Energy storage providers

  • Energy efficiency companies

  • Energy consulting firms

  • Energy research organizations

  • Energy regulators

  • Energy startups

  • Large enterprises with significant energy needs

Past Projects in Energy Software

As a software development company for the real estate industry, we have delivered custom solutions that are advanced and compliant

AI/Cognitive-Powered Form Reader for a Process Automation /Workflow Automation Platform

BlastAsia developed a chatbot/robo-advisor prototype using Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure services, including a database, natural language understanding, and Q&A capabilities, to provide on-demand personal financial advisory services and recommendations through a free, 24/7 Facebook Messenger interface.

Rostering Platform

The client provides a time and attendance platform with roster software enabling real-time notifications, availability checks, and timesheet exports, while BlastAsia developed the platform and a security guard management app spinoff.



GenAI has taken the world by storm, and BlastAsia is here to help you make your next groundbreaking software that will stand out from the competition

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