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Build custom construction software for your business

BlastAsia offers custom construction software development services to drive continuous innovation in the construction industry

Benefits of Developing Custom Software for Construction

With a strong track record of collaborating with clients, BlastAsia has helped numerous companies unlock new opportunities in construction


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Country Client Base - Across the US, Asia, Europe, & Australia


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Increased Productivity

Custom software can be designed to streamline construction workflows and automate repetitive tasks, allowing construction teams to work more efficiently and reduce errors

Improved Project Management

Custom construction software can provide advanced project management features like real-time project tracking, resource allocation, and cost monitoring to help construction firms better plan and execute projects

Competitive Advantage

By investing in custom software, construction firms can gain a competitive edge over rivals still relying on outdated solutions. Custom software allows companies to optimize operations and deliver projects more efficiently and cost-effectively

Construction Software Solutions We Build

There are numerous solutions that can be built for the construction industry, and our expert engineering teams can bring to life any of these for you

Project Management

Custom construction project management software can streamline workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and provide real-time visibility into project status, schedules, and potential issues. This allows construction firms to identify and address problems early, keeping projects on track and avoiding costly delays.

Document Management

Custom document control software enables construction teams to centralize and easily access critical project documents, drawings, and data. By integrating with existing systems and automating document workflows, construction firms can reduce manual errors, improve collaboration, and ensure all stakeholders have the information they need.

Resource Management

Custom resource management software helps construction companies optimize the allocation of labor, equipment, and materials across projects. By providing a centralized view of resource availability and utilization, this software empowers construction managers to make informed decisions about staffing, equipment needs, and material ordering.

Analytics and Reporting

Custom analytics and reporting tools give construction firms deeper insights into project performance, costs, and risks. By aggregating data from various sources and providing advanced visualization capabilities, these solutions enable data-driven decision making. Construction teams can use these insights to identify areas for improvement, optimize processes, and deliver projects more efficiently.

Estimating and Bidding

Custom estimating and bidding software helps construction companies create more accurate and competitive bids. By automating the estimating process, integrating with historical data, and providing advanced modeling capabilities, these solutions enable construction firms to quickly generate detailed estimates and win more profitable projects.

Safety Management

Custom safety management software streamlines the tracking and management of employee training, certifications, and safety incidents. By centralizing this critical information and automating related workflows, construction firms can improve worker safety, reduce liability, and ensure compliance with industry regulations

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BlastAsia is here to help you make your next software solution that will disrupt the construction industry

Technologies for Construction Software

BlastAsia’s engineers use cutting-edge technologies to bring construction technology solutions from good to great

Cloud Solutions

Oversee the whole process online: check designs and construction blocks remotely, get the access to construction and project documentation and analyze heavy data in a second

Geospatial Technologies

Geospatial Technologies: Geospatial tools like GPS, GIS, and laser scanning can be integrated to accurately survey sites, monitor progress, and create as-built documentation.

AI & Machine Learning

AI and ML algorithms can be integrated to analyze project data, predict delays, and optimize resource allocation


Empower your teams to make smarter, data-driven decisions by providing comprehensive data visualization capabilities within your custom construction software

Asset Accounting

Our expertise lies in integrating third-party accounting software with custom-built asset tracking systems. This allows us to optimize your workflow and ensure secure, reliable management of your accounting processes.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR):

AR and VR can be integrated to visualize designs, conduct virtual walkthroughs, and train workers in a simulated environment.

Construction Industry Clients

BlastAsia has over 20 years in software product engineering expertise for global clients. We have the expertise to deliver construction software for:

  • General Contractors

  • Infrastructure Contractors

  • Specialty Trade Contractors

  • Construction Management Firms

  • Renovation and Remodeling Contractors

  • Modular and Prefabricated Construction Companies

  • Design-Build Firms

  • Residential Builders

  • Heavy Civil Contractors

  • Commercial Builders

  • Demolition and Remediation Contractors

  • Landscape and Hardscape Contractors

Past Projects in Construction Software

As a software development company for the construction industry, we have delivered custom solutions that are advanced and compliant

Daily Log with Daily and Weekly Reports

BlastAsia developed a construction daily log mobile app that enables construction firms to efficiently document and manage their site activities. Using the smartphone app, workers can easily log critical information like weather, upload photos, record issues, track manpower, and document equipment. Users can generate daily reports to view data for specific dates, as well as a printable weekly reports. This helps companies optimize operations, ensure compliance, and maintain detailed project records.



GenAI has taken the world by storm, and BlastAsia is here to help you make your next groundbreaking software that will stand out from the competition

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