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Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing to the Philippines

1. What kinds of roles can I outsource/offshore?

There is practically no limits to the kinds of roles that you can offshore to the Philippines. The most common roles to offshore include those in software development, digital marketing, product support, network infrastructure, cybersecurity, and data/content management. 

There is also a growing need in  AI operations, which includes roles in AI algorithm training, video/photo tagging & annotation, as well as data cleansing & aggregation.

2. How long does it take to get a team up and running?


The process if sourcing to onboarding typically takes 1-6 weeks, depending on talent availability and team size. One factor that may push the timeline up is if the chosen talent is currently employed, therefore he/she needs to render a 30-day notice period. Should you need to start sooner, our sourcing team will focus their efforts in finding resources who are more readily available. Some specialized roles may also take a longer time to source than others.

3. Are Philippine-based talent up to par with the rest of the world?

Definitely! The Philippines offers a huge pool of talented resources, with over hundreds and thousands of University/College graduates each year who are proficient in English and in their respective programs.

Also, you will have full control in the selection process where you will interview pre-screened, shortlisted candidates to determine if they are aligned to resource needs as well as your company culture.

4. Will the team members be deployed to other projects?

Your selected team will be dedicated to your project, even if they are legally employed under BlastAsia. This also means that the outsourced team is essentially an extension of your company in the Philippines – while BlastAsia support general & administrative activities for them. 


1. In what time zone do you operate?


The V-Ops Team is headquartered in Pasig City, Philippines. The time zone is UTC +8, same as Singapore and Hong Kong. Our support team is available 24/7, and your outsourced team will follow your preferred operating hours.

2. How do you attract and retain your talent?


V-Ops offers an attractive compensation package that not only makes sure our talent are financially stable but also professionally growing and physically healthy.

In addition to providing private health care that can be extended to first degree relatives, we also provide our resources with various knowledge-sharing sessions and continuous learning classes offered by our partners to retool them, access new information about their field, and build their character.

And lastly, we also make sure that the values and overall culture of the clients we work with are aligned with those of our talent, so they can not only stay productive but also have a good working environment for their mental and physical well-being.

3. What is your recruitment process?

Our recruitment team helps you build your software dream team. It is made up of Recruiters and Subject Matter Experts that have decades of experience under their belt, and they can help you find the right talent for all kinds of functions that a software company needs:

- Software Development (web & mobile)
- Digital Marketing & Marketing Support (such as graphic design & video editing)
- Product Support/Customer Success
- Network Infrastructure & Cybersecurity
- Content Moderation 
- AI/ML Support

Once you've identified the roles that you need, we will perform the following in a span of 1-6 weeks, depending on the team size, resource type, and availability:
Pre-screening: Going through our pools of resources and shortlisting candidates, including doing initial phone interviews
Initial Client Assessment: We’ll send to you the shortlisted candidates along with their full CV so you can choose which candidates to interview
Additional Tests: In case you need require it, we can ask candidates to undergo skills, psychological, IQ and EQ tests to measure their suitability for the role
Final Video interview: We will facilitate a video interview between candidates and you/your team
Job Offer: Qualified candidates will then be given client-approved job offers
Onboarding: Once candidates have accepted the job offer, we will then onboard them to your team, including providing them with a work laptop pre-loaded with all the software tools they need


1. Where are V-Ops' offices located?


Our main office is in Ortigas Center in Pasig City, one of the key central business districts in Metro Manila with easy access to public transportation, recreational, medical, and educational facilities. However, because of the COVID situation in the Philippines, majority of the V-Ops Team is working on a work-from-home arrangement. 

2. Will my team work in the same office or do they work from home?


To ensure the safety of your future team members while the COVID pandemic is still here, they will be working 100% in a work-from-home arrangement. During onboarding, we will also provide them with a dedicated internet service provider to ensure that they are able to render the work and stay connected with you.


1. Why is it so affordable to outsource/offshore to the Philippines?


As you may have seen in our Savings Calculator, you can enjoy as much as 70% savings on staff costs if you source your team members from the Philippines. The country is known to have cities with lower cost of living compared to most cities in Europe and the United States/Canada, that's why the salaries of talent (of the same skill level and overall aptitude as local talent from these countries) is not as high.

2. How does V-Ops’ pricing compare to others?


Our pricing is straightforward and transparent, and it is shown at the early stages of the engagement. 

Generally pricing breakdown includes
1. Team Member Salary (as negotiated with them during recruitment)
2. Health Insurance/HMO fees
3. Laptop, internet, and software subscriptions fees
4. Recruitment and G&A fees

And these fees are clearly presented in the contract and reflected in the monthly invoices.

3. Will I have to shoulder an up-front fee or a down payment?


To mobilize the recruitment, there is a $200 earnest fee/role that needs to be settled. This will be deduced to the recruitment fee which is amortized throughout the first year of engaging with us. 

Upon successful hiring of your team, there is a 1 month advance and 2 months deposit. The deposit serves as a security that the talent we sourced for you are protected, should there be an instance that the project is abruptly pre-terminated.

4. Does the monthly fee include employee benefits and appropriate salary?


As mentioned earlier, the employee salary is a separate line item from the fees V-Ops is charging for recruitment and G&A. This salary will include all additional benefits as negotiated with and approved by you with zero markups from V-Ops. In other words, we only earn from recruitment and G&A fees that are clearly stated in the contract and monthly invoices.


1. How can I monitor staff attendance and productivity?


V-Ops has developed its own portal that enables clients to monitor and manage teams’ productivity, manage invoices, raise/approve tickets related to HR and Administrative concerns, and request for additional team members.

2. Will my company information and data be secure?


The V-Ops team is ISO-27001-ready and adheres to the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA) in the Philippines, which aims to protect personal data in information and communications systems. This means that we make sure that all personal data collected is processed in adherence to the general principles of these standards and laws.

We have policies in place for storing collected personal and corporate information, depending on the nature of the information, and we have safeguards for all signed NDAs. Feel free to reach out to us if you need  to learn more about our information security policies.

3. Does V-Ops have technology partners it works with?


BlastAsia, the company behind V-Ops, has long been a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development and Cloud Platform. We have also had a history of working with other software companies like IBM, Softomotive, and Canon (to name a few). 

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About BlastAsia

Envisioned to be a leading global IT services provider, BlastAsia was established in 2001 and has since been committed to deliver quality services with cost efficiency and flexibility. 

BlastAsia is one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines. It offers the full range of services from UI/UX Design, to Architecture, to App Modernization, to Quality Assurance provided by agile teams of top software developers. Drawing from two decades of building commercial software for offshore clients and hiring & nurturing software engineers across different skill areas and levels, it has since expanded its service offerings to Outsourced Team Sourcing & Management through V-Ops.

BlastAsia is also a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development and Cloud Platform and is a leading member of the Philippine Software Industry Association.

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