BlastAsia’s suite of end-to-end digital enterprise solutions brings together strategic levers that accelerate digital transformation



BlastAsia Inc.

The face of the global consumer is changing. Today’s fast-paced, technology-oriented world brought forth the ever-growing community of digital consumers, connected and empowered in so many ways that allow them to share information globally.

This shift among traditional buyers turning into digital consumers draws a myriad of implications across all industries, demanding more customer-centric digital solutions which is a challenge of merging technologies with business model innovations.


This is where BlastAsia comes in to help in every step of the way. BlastAsia’s wide experience in agile software development brings tech innovation to business models by merging technical skills, and lightweight and modular tools in creating and implementing strategies.

Digital Transformation Strategy Consulting 

Whether you need help in formulating a winning digital transformation strategy, or help in building customer-facing solutions, or even how to introduce growth hacking into your app, BlastAsia has the services to help you in every step that lead to blueprints for successful DX implementation.


and Tools

Ensure the rapid & agile rollout of your digital solutions. BlastAsia’s platforms and tools support technology-enabled business models that foster dynamic collaboration within the organization and with customers and allows continuous innovation for new products and services.

Business Solutions

Straightly address customer demands, lower costs and achieve higher value software implementations with BlastAsia’s packaged solutions comprised of tools tailored to efficiently perform specific operational activities & industry needs.


Safeguarding your critical digital assets is the next important step as you go along your digital transformation journey. Be one step ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape. Take a holistic approach to solving real business issues with BlastAsia’s cybersecurity products and services.

Rapidly and efficiently build mobile solutions on top of existing systems and connect a myriad of cutting-edge tools like chatbots, RPA, and blockchain with QuickReach


Embark on a process of rethinking your business, its customers’ experiences, and how technology can bring game-changing solutions to challenges. BlastAsia is with you in every step of the way - from knowledge building, strategy formulation, tech roadmap development and implementation to assessment -  towards building a solid digital transformation game plan

Build a resilient shield from intrusion for your networks, applications, and devices in order to operate and innovate continuously. Urna GRC brings together people, process, and technology for a comprehensive yet hassle-free solution that allows you to manage and report on your company’s Governance, Risk Management and Compliance all in one place

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