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BlastAsia’s straightforward solutions  let you efficiently perform specific operational activities & industry needs and obtain business results faster with less risk and greater consistency


By Business Activity

Optimize business activities with solutions that make better business management possible by improving efficiency and minimizing process errors

By Industry

Focus on getting the right tools that effectively help accelerate the operational activity performances specific to the industry you work in


Customer Support

Provide the best possible customer experience with solutions designed for greater engagement through better customer support, for small businesses up through global enterprises be it bots in your website and social media, or voice chat bots in your traditional phone-in hotline.

Account Receivables / Payables Management

Save time and reduce errors in managing receivables and payables. Capture data on paper invoices using OCR technology and process them faster than gain tighter control over invoice management processes


Purchase Order Processing

Standardize the manual purchasing process. Instantly generate PO requests, connect your system with suppliers for faster processing and enable it to become a strategic asset that helps your entire organization. 




To help insurance companies jumpstart their digital transformation journey, QuickReach has designed a number of Solutions that address insurance-specific activities that correspond to various steps in the customer journey:


  • Quote request, policy purchasing, and contract renewals

Make product inquiries easy for customers accessible, anytime and anywhere. Provide quotes, sell policies and renew their contracts hassle-free


  • Beneficiary registration

Let customers easily register and update beneficiary information 


  • Claims processing ​

Quickly act on claims filed and efficiently process them, optimizing the usually manual review, investigation, adjustment, and remittance.

Real Estate

Digitize your real estate business' operations with our custom-fit solutions that meet the demands of the fast-paced real estate industry.


  • Marketing Website Builder

  • Unit/Lot Inventory & Sales Management

  • Broker & Buyer Mobile App

  • Tenant Administration

  • Amortization & Commission Management

Public Sector

Delight citizens, and gain traction among businesses and economic opportunities that improve quality of life, while also making city operations more efficient.


  • Citizen Services & Support

  • Blockchain-certified IDs & Documents

  • Local Business Community Enablement

  • Digital Wallets & Payments




Ensure the rapid & agile rollout of your digital solutions. BlastAsia’s platforms and tools support technology-enabled business models that foster dynamic collaboration within the organization and with customers and allows continuous innovation for new products and services.

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