Download the Ultimate Guide to Building a Virtual Software Engineering Team in 2021 

Visual Sourcing

Software product engineering outsourcing shifted the way organizations perceive software development and is shaping the global market.

With the trend of building software engineering teams, many are now seeing the unrivaled opportunities that having virtual development teams bring.

To highlight how the pandemic shifted the global outsourcing industry, we bring you this eBook where we discuss how having a virtual software engineering team brings opportunities of growth and customer satisfaction, as well as a deeper understanding of how technology evolution helps with improving stakeholder experience.

This eBook is ideal for business managers and ISV leaders/companies looking to build virtual software product engineering teams, IT leaders looking for DevOps to support their businesses, and start-up founders who are keen to manage their burn rate and are looking towards outsourcing to extend their run-way.

The topics tackled in this eBook includes:

I. Top trends in software development and software outsourcing for 2021
II.  Why outsourcing from the Philippines is still the best option
III. Creating an effective outsourcing strategy
IV. Outsourcing VS. In-House Development: Cost and other perspectives